Traditional premium French Cognac and Armagnac from the Lheraud family estate dating back to Alexandre Lheraud in 1680.

The family has been producing cognac and aged in 40 year old oak barrels for centuries in the heart of the Cognac area, Petite Champagne, near the Chateauneuf city with bottles stored in its vaults dating back to Napoleonic times (1802). The family has only exported their products for the last 50 years which underlines the exclusivity of every bottle.
The traditional grape varieties used consist of Ugni Blanc (80%), Folle Blanche (10%) and Colombard (10%) from their 90 hectare estate. The distillation process continues to use the ‘Alambic’ Charentais Copper still for its variants (VS, VSOP, Cuvee 10 and Cuvee 20). The VS has aromas of raisins, with a touch of vanilla and crème brulee, whilst the VSOP has an added hint of citrus. The Cuvee 10 (aged for 10 years) offers a well-balanced cognac with fresh aromas of citrus fruits and sweet spices, whilst the Cuvee 20 has added notes of vanilla, cinnamon and orange peel.

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